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Pittsburg Unified School District

Every Scholar, Every Day. They Deserve Nothing Less Than Our Best.

Pittsburg Unified School District

Every Scholar, Every Day. They Deserve Nothing Less Than Our Best.


  • Independent Contractor Agreement for Professional Services
    Page 2, Section 3 - Submittal of Documents
    The Contractor shall not commence the Work under this Contract until the Contractor has submitted and the District has approved the certificate(s) and affidavit(s), and the endorsement(s) of insurance required.
    Page 6, Section 21 - Fingerprinting
    The Contractor shall comply with the provisions of Education Code section 45125.1 regarding the submission of employee fingerprints to the California Department of Justice and the completion of criminal background investigations of its employees.
  • PUSD Vendor Requirements
    This document is an important notice to ALL vendors, to ensure payment by Pittsburg Unified School District.
  • Vendor Information Sheet
    To become a vendor for Pittsburg Unified School District, we must have a Vendor Information Sheet on file with our Accounts Payable office.
  • Federal W-9 Form
    To become a vendor for Pittsburg Unified School District, we must have a current W-9 on file for your company.


Who should I contact with questions?

Accounts Payable

Vendors A - J Contact:
Cari Lange 
(925) 473-2309

Vendors K - Z Contact:
Alicia Abad 
(925) 473-2308
 Fax: (925) 473-4203

Accounts Receivable

Danielle Mallory 
(925) 473-2305

Fax: (925) 473-4203

How do we let vendors know the orders should arrive between a specific time frame?

When you are in line detail and after you put in your description click on the button called additional vendor notes (right under the description) and place the statement “All merchandise for the 2016/2017 school year must be received by June 14, 2017. If merchandise is not received by June 30, 2017, the Purchase Order will be canceled and returned to the originator”.

What steps do I do to correct my rejected requisition?

First, you would need to click on Activate. Then click the update icon button at the top of the screen that looks like this. Go ahead and make the necessary changes to the requisition. Then click on the green check mark to save your changes.
Second, you will need to click on the allocate button located on the left hand side of your screen which is a couple of buttons below the release button. Your requisition needs to be allocated before you can release your requisition. Next, click on release which will release your requisition in Munis back to the appropriate approvers.

How can I tell if my requisition has been approved or not?

Go to requisition entry, down at the bottom of the page you will see a button called approvers. Click on this button to see where your requisition is currently. You will see either your principle has the requisition or if Business Services has it or if it’s been approved and processed.

Is it necessary for me to put in an estimated shipping charge?

It depends on the quote/estimate. Some vendors do not charge for shipping will others might.
***Note, if Accounts Receivable does not see estimated shipping, then shipping will be applied unless otherwise noted on the detail line with a line item indicating free shipping.*****

If I make a mistake in the requisition entry what can I do?

You can either go back to fix your errors or you can delete the requisition number and start over.

Do I have to put in sales tax?

Yes, all order except for Blanket PO’s should have tax applied to the requisition.

What is the current tax rate for Contra Costa County?

As of January 1, 2021 the current tax rate is 9.25%.

How do I review all of my requisition in the system?

Do into requisition entry and click on the magnifying glass to find your requisition number. Then tab over to the dept field put in 76 plus your site number (Example 76106 for Willow Cove). Then tab over to fiscal year type in the fiscal year you would like to review. Then click the green check mark icon. This will pull up all the requisition in Munis.

How do I attach a quote, or an invoice?

First scan your document to your hard drive and name it. Then when you’re in requisition entry click on the paper clip icon located at the top of the screen it should look like this. Next, click on the big green plus sign icon. Munis will now ask you to find your document on your hard drive. Once you located the file Munis will ask you to rename the document. You can use the same name if you like. Then finish by click on the green check mark.

If the remit address is wrong what do I do?

Contact the vendor and see if Munis has the correct address. If not, then forward the information to Accounts Receivable so the address can be corrected.

What do I do if I do not see a vendor name?

You need to have a vendor complete the W-9 and supplier information forms.

Is it necessary for me to be in caps lock when I’m typing up a requisition in Munis?

Yes. Munis will not recognize a lower case letter when you go back and do a search.