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Pittsburg Unified School District

Every Scholar, Every Day. They Deserve Nothing Less Than Our Best.

Pittsburg Unified School District

Every Scholar, Every Day. They Deserve Nothing Less Than Our Best.
The Pittsburg Unified School District’s Transportation Department’s primary objective is to transport our pupils to and from school in a safe and timely manner. We believe all pupils can behave appropriately and safely while waiting for, or riding on a school bus. Any pupil that disrupts the driver from the safe operation of their school bus may be denied transportation.
The Pittsburg Unified School District provides bus transportation as a privilege, not a right. This right is based on the School District's attendance boundaries set by our School Board and appropriate behavior in accordance with the California Education Code. Only students who are currently registered and attending district schools within their home school boundaries will be permitted to ride on district buses unless otherwise directed by the Superintendent/designee.
Students will be under the authority of, and directly responsible to the driver. The driver shall be responsible for the orderly conduct of all riders. These rules of conduct have been established in order to ensure the safety of riders, drivers, and equipment, and all students are required to comply with the rules at bus stops, loading zones, while riding buses to and/or from school, and during field trips. Any violation of the rules or refusal to obey the authority of the driver will be sufficient reason for denial of transportation.



35350-35351 - Authority to transport pupils
39800-39860 - Transportation
41850-41854 - Allowances for transportation


Section Code: 15241 Minimum Transportation Distances
School buses shall be used only to transport pupils to and from school, and for other school activities that have the approval of the Site Administrator and are permitted by law. Variation of this policy requires specific approval by the Board.


Students will not be transported home-to-school or school-to-home if they reside within the following walking distances of their school of residence.
Grade Level   Minimum distance from the school
K - 5 - 1 1/3 miles
6, 7, 8 - 2 miles
9- 12 - No Busing
Minimum distances from school shall be measured by the shortest useable and reasonable route from the area in which a student lives to the nearest point on the boundary of the school campus.

Should the routing of a bus over a route to give the best service to the greatest number of students in a reasonable amount of time demand it, some students, depending on grade level, may be expected to walk up to 1 mile to a bus stop. (Parent/guardians, of course, could provide transportation to and from the bus stop.)

Students living within the minimum distances listed above, may, at the discretion of the Board, be transported home to school should special hazards or conditions warrant.

The Superintendent/designee may authorize transportation within the minimum distance when special circumstances or hazards exist.


In its transportation program, the District will provide the maximum flexibility and convenience possible within the limits of safety requirements, physical constraints, school hours of operation, availability of equipment, and traffic patterns and restrictions.

Bus schedules will be coordinated in order to pick up and deliver students in a safe and timely manner.

Bus stops will be established in order to be safe and accessible.

Students will be required to board and leave buses only at their assigned bus stops, except in emergencies. Exceptions for reasons of student health and welfare may be granted by the Superintendent/designee upon written recommendation of the Principal. Activities such as music or dance lessons, scout meetings, medical appointments, etc., are not reasons for exceptions.

In order that the transportation system may flow smoothly and efficiently, it is necessary that all route changes be handled through the Transportation Department.


The Transportation Department assumes no responsibility for lost items, but every effort will be made to locate such lost items and return them to their rightful owner. Please put the student’s name on all items transported to help expedite this process.


If, in the judgment of the bus driver, a student is too ill, injured, or displaying disruptive or dangerous behavior which may be unsafe for him/herself or other passengers to ride the bus, the driver may refuse to allow that student to board the bus. If the student is at school, the school will contact the family to make other arrangements for transportation.


Matt Belasco
Director, Maintenance, Operations and Transportation
Robyn Owens
Transportation Supervisor
(925) 473-2418 
Virginia Hewell
District Secretary III
Elaine Hunter
Transportation Dispatcher